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Our Criminal Defense practice offers services for those charged with crimes of violence against other persons and crimes with firearms, and when gangs are involved. In crimes involving violence, firearms, and gangs, it is important to focus on each element of the crime, the events as they unfolded, and all parties involved. By systematically tackling each issue, it is more likely that a defense to the crime will be apparent, and as a result, a dismissal or reduced charge will prevail.

In addition, when analyzing any criminal conduct, it is important to focus on police conduct, the manner in which they collected, preserved, and stored evidence, and any other actions by state personnel in both investigating and executing your arrest.


California’s arson laws prohibit willfully, maliciously, or recklessly setting fire to a building, forestland, or other property.

California’s arson laws do not prohibit you from setting fire to your own personal property (which does not include real estate, other buildings, or structures). However, in certain instances you cannot burn even you own personal property if your motive is to (1) set the fire for a fraudulent purpose including collecting insurance money; and (2) if the fire you set causes injury to another person, someone’s, home, property, or land.

Assault, Battery, Aggravated Battery, and Assault with a Deadly Weapon

California assault and battery laws vary in degree of severity and intention of the assault or battery that occurs. Specifically, assault is the unlawful attempt, with the present ability, to commit a violent injury upon the person of another. Whereas, a battery occurs when you willfully and unlawfully make some type of unwanted physical contact with the person of another.

The distinction between the two crimes is that assault is effectively an attempted battery, because there is no specific touching that needs to occur, only the attempt.

Attorney Profile

Daniel Vaswani

Daniel is a business, criminal, and social security benefits lawyer dedicated to assisting his client's achieve their goals, mitigating risks and consequences, and defending their rights. His diverse practice is a result of broad experiences as a lawyer and before obtaining his law degree.


DUI & DWI Offenses

A good DUI defense lawyer will help you understand the DUI process and the means by which to defend a DUI. The effects of being arrested for DUI in California are harsh and broad, they affect the accused financially, professionally, emotionally, and socially. More often than not, being arrested for DUI is the first encounter and likely last encounter people have with law enforcement. The legal fees alone are the first part of an expensive and long process.

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Our MyCounsel program offers small business, startups, and other organizations with flexible, but comprehensive legal services. Often, small businesses, startups, and other organizations do not have the ability to employ an attorney on retainer or the need to commit to a full-time in-house lawyer.

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RightSourcing is the process by which we assist your company or firm manage its legal work. Outsourcing your work can be to domestic service providers or offshore vendors. When deciding what source to utilize to complete a project or take over a routine task by your company or firm, you must first do a cost benefit analysis and consider the potential pros and cons.

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